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QuickBooks Unable To Create Accountant’s Copy

QuickBooks Struggling To Create Accountant’s Copy

“QuickBooks not able to create Accountant’s copy” issue can happen when a person tries to make a bookkeeper’s duplicate file. The error is related to the folder containing QuickBooks company file. It could be annoying once you cannot share your financial records to your accountant. A lot of the users neglect to understand the reasons that may evoke the error. In this post, we're going to disclose the common causes, symptoms, and troubleshooting solutions to eliminate the error. Let’s proceed:

If you want to fix QuickBooks Unable To Create Accountant’s Copy Dial our Quickbooks error support number  to connect with our certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor

Factors that cause Accountant’s Copy File Error: 
Once the Accountant’s copy error in QuickBooks occurs, you can find the next error messages in the screen:

We had a problem sending your file into the Intuit Server
Warning: There was a problem sending the changes towards the accountant’s copy file transfer server. Please try again later or save the file and send it by email.
These error messages can come into sight because of several possible reasons, and tracking the possible causes behind the error is an essential temperament when it comes to error-resolution.

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Have a look at major causes stated in the below-given list: 

You might be using an outdated form of the QuickBooks application, also it has to be updated
QuickBooks company file size reaches to 200 MB or larger
Slow Internet or some other connectivity issues
Windows Firewall preventing the upload process
If damage exists when you look at the QuickBooks company file
Entering an extended dash in MS Word and then copying it to your notes can also promote the error in creating the Accountant’s copy
How exactly to Resolve The “QuickBooks Accountant Copy No Longer Working” Issue?
For a number of error causes, you ought to perform different troubleshooting procedures and look which solution can eradicate the error.

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Follow the below-given solutions:

Solution 1: Ensure That There Are No Special Characters Within The Company Filename
To start with, make sure there's no special character within the company file name. Also, make sure there isn't any comma present in the Company name and Filename. If “QuickBooks is Unable to Create an Accountant’s Copy” issue continues, then jump to another location solution. 

Solution 2: Update QuickBooks To The Latest Release
Updating the QuickBooks application ensures the perfect performance associated with the application as well as helps into the resolution of a wide range of technical glitches. To have it done, follow the below-given steps:

From the Help menu, select Update QuickBooks Desktop
Now go to the Update Now tab and work out sure to check-mark the box for Reset Update
Select Get Updates, and it'll initiate the download process
Once the download is finished, restart QuickBooks software
Now follow the on-screen instructions to set up the new release
Move to the second troubleshooting procedure if the error persists.

Solution 3: Reduce Company File Size
In this procedure, you ought to make sure the QuickBooks file size should never increase 200MB or higher. If it will, try the below-given steps to reduce its size:

Open QuickBooks company file and then press F2 to open up the Product Information window
In the event that file dimensions are greater than 200 MB, you could make an effort to or restore QuickBooks Desktop portable company file (*.qbm)
Alternatively, you may attempt to manually save and send the QBX/QBY file in the place of utilizing the Accountant File Transfer Service.
In the event that “QuickBooks 2018 accountant copy failed” issue is not resolved, try the second process to eradicate the issue.

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Solution 4: Check When There Is  An Extended Dash In Your Notes
If you have an extended dash in your notes, then you need to consider listed here things:

Enter text directly within the notes to the clients without long dashes
It is possible to produce the text using Windows Text editor and paste it from there
You could email the MS word document to your client with changed file QBY.
Avoid using the long dash in MS Word; However, just one dash is OK.
In the event that error will continue to trouble you, try the following method. 

Solution 5: Repair Damaged Data In Company File
If the Accountant’s copy for the file error is caused because of the company file damage, then you can certainly restore the backup of the company file and replace the damaged file along with it to solve the error. After that, you can easily go into the transactions that occurred since running the backup. 

You can easily surmount the “QuickBooks 2018 accountant copy failed” issue using the troubleshooting procedures described on this page. Alternatively, you are able to dial our QuickBooks error support helpline number to get in touch with our QB experts for instant resolution of  “QuickBooks struggling to Create Accountant’s Copy” issue.

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