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QuickBooks Error H202

Just how to Fix QuickBooks Error H202?

QuickBooks is an invincible solution widely employed by small and mid-sized businesses and freelance professionals to meet the accounting needs. Multi-user mode in QuickBooks is an element that allows users to operate on a single Company File simultaneously. QuickBooks H-Series Errors is an inevitable error caused due to external or internal technical glitches. QuickBooks Error H202 occurs when a Workstation does not keep in touch with the business file and doesn’t allow users to gain access to the business file.

This article is envisioned to help you analyze the sources of QuickBooks Error H202. The resolution methods are further simplified with simple actions to fix QuickBooks H202 Error while you open the organization file from a workstation. The actual Error message is illustrated as “You are trying to make use of a company file that is located on another computer, and this copy of QuickBooks cannot reach the server on that computer. (H202)” get in touch with us to Resolve QuickBooks Error H202 just call on our toll free number..

Before you apply the steps to troubleshoot H202 Error in QuickBooks, comprehending the causes of Error H202 in QuickBooks is vital.  Recognizing the complexities QB Error H202 will help you in effective elimination of QB Error H202.

Factors behind QuickBooks Error Code H202
The weather that trigger QuickBooks Error Code H202 are numerous as given just below. Please use the due course to comprehend the reality to fix QB Error H202 by yourself.

Whenever you open the business file, QuickBooks attempts to establish an association to your QuickBooks Server. When QuickBooks is unable to connect with the remote server to be able to open the organization file, QuickBooks Error H202 occurs.

Wrong QuickBooks file hosting configuration or settings.
QuickBooks communication is blocked by a Security software of a firewall.
QuickBooks workstation is not able to ping the Host computer (internet protocol address is unreachable)
Conflicting QuickBooks Database Manager conflicts with DNS Server.
Inoperative QuickBooks Services or damaged services components.
Clash in Multiple Database Server Manager versions running.
QuickBooks Error Code H202 port not available
The approaches to this error will vary with regards to the cause of the H series error. The methods to correct H-series Errors in QuickBooks (H101, H202, H303, H505) have similarities inside it with few exceptions. Techniques to resolve QuickBooks H202 error in the order placed for the optimum treatment for QB Error H202.

Methods to fix QuickBooks Error H202
Method – 1: Network Connectivity Testing and Calibration
Open QuickBooks on all the computers networked for using QuickBooks.
Click the File menu and choose Utilities and turn of hosting.
Press windows key and type this “This PC” regarding the QuickBooks Host Computer.
From the left windowpane double-click the Network option to verify that all the networked are visible.
Ping all of the workstations respectively through the QuickBooks Host / Server computer.
Begin to ping the QuickBooks Server / Host from the computer showing QB Error Code H202.
The command for the ping test has to be done on Command Prompt.
Ping command syntax: ping [Computer Name] and press Enter.
Latency in the command response and data packet loss indicate your local Area Network glitches therefore the cause of Error Code H202. Fix the network issues on your own, if you should be tech savvy a bit. The network issues are not hardware oriented most of the times and may even need the involvement of a QuickBooks Technician.

Method – 2: Analyze Network issues with QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool
QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool

Download and install the QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool.
Run the tool and Scan the QuickBooks Company file folder.
Take note of the internet protocol address shown as soon as the tool runs.
Enable the ports that have the Open Ports Button when you look at the firewall Status section.
Stick to the wizard instruction till the conclusion.
Make an effort to open the file from the computer where Error Coder H202 occurs.
In the event that error code H202 still prevails, get QuickBooks firewall port exceptions added in your Windows Firewall together with security software to get rid of Error code H202.

QuickBooks Firewall ports Information 
QuickBooks Firewall ports

QuickBooks 2016 firewall Ports: 8019, 56726, 55368-55372
QB 2017 firewall Ports: 8019, 56727, 55373-55377
QuickBooks 2018 Firewall Ports: 8019, 56728, 55378-55382
QB 2019 doesn't have any static Firewall Ports. The ports are automatically renewed once you scan the business file in Database Server Manager just in case you still encounter H202 Error in QuickBooks, try the next method.
Method – 3: Append the QuickBooks Server Information into Windows Host File
QuickBooks Server Information into Windows Host File

The windows host file is located (c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc)
Remember to apply this process from the computers where you stand getting QuickBooks Error Code H202.
Browse to the windows host file location as shown above.
Right-click the Windows host file and choose open with option and choose notepad.
Scroll to the end of this host file and type the internet protocol address associated with the server.
Press TAB key once from your own keyboard and type QuickBooks Server Name.
Press Ctrl+S to save the changes in the host file and close the note pad.
This technique normally helps you to get rid of H202 Error QuickBooks while opening the company file or try method-4.

Method – 4: Change your Company File Location 
QuickBooks Company File Location 

Create New Folder to keep your company file in, preferably Drive C: on your desktop.
Choose the company file plus the respective.TLG file through the existing company file folder and Press Ctrl + C to copy.
Go to the New Company file folder and press Ctrl + V to copy the organization file.
You will need to open the file in multi-user mode
If error h202 error opening the organization file still occurs, check out the next phase.
Method – 5: Configure QuickBooks Database Server Manager
Configure QuickBooks Database Server Manager

Press Windows+R from your keyboard and type msc and select Services Icon.
Scroll through the List of services and select QuickBooksDBxx (Wherein XX represents the type of your QuickBooks).
Double-Click the QuickBooksDBxx services and then click the Stop to disable the service.
Select the service start option as Automatic through the drop-down menu followed closely by Start
Open QuickBooks and attempt to open the file again.
QuickBooks H202 Error can also be seen in the event that QuickBooks Database Server Manager service doesn’t work. If you still encounter H202 QuickBooks while opening the organization file despite restarting the service try the following one.

Method – 6: Rename .TLG and .ND File    
Rename .TLG and .ND File 
Close QuickBooks on most of the computers.
Open the business file folder in the server computer.
Search and select .TLG file associated with to your QuickBooks File having QuickBooks Error H202 while opening it.
Right-click on .TLG file and choose Rename.
To rename the file prefix OLD before the file name and hit enter.
Try exactly the same steps for. ND file as well and close the QuickBooks Company File Folder.
After these steps the. ND and .TLG file will undoubtedly be automatically created whenever you open the business file again.
Open the organization file again while holding the alternate key down till the file opens up.
You normally should not have Errors opening company file after this step.
Proceed utilizing the following method if the problem still persists.

Method – 7: Repair and Update QuickBooks       
Repair and Update QuickBooks

Method – 8: Open Windows Control Interface
Close QuickBooks on all the computers. QuickBooks repair can be achieved simultaneously on most of the computers.
Open Windows Control Panel and select Programs and Features
From the listing of installed programs select QuickBooks and click Change/Repair
Allow all the positive options throughout QuickBooks Software repair
Once the repair is done, update QuickBooks to the latest release.
You can try opening the organization file to test in the event that QuickBooks Error H202 repair was successful.
The steps to fix H202 Error QuickBooks should have helped to obtain back in operation. What all will be done to permanently fix the H-Series (H202) error in QuickBooks.

Diagnosis of QuickBooks Software.
Remove errors from the QuickBooks Company file.
Get rid of recurring QuickBooks Errors.
Prevent QuickBooks Data Loss.
Fix QuickBooks Freeing issues.
QuickBooks Error H202 is tough to solve in certain cases. However, our ProAdvisor will allow you to fix the difficulties instantly. You could face some issues understanding deep technical terms while after the steps mentioned previously. Call us on our QuickBooks Customer Support Number  to obtain the most reliable solutions.

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