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Update Email Address In QuickBooks Desktop

How To Update Current Email Address In Quickbooks

In this article you will see how to improve your email address in QuickBooks Desktop. To understand more, contact QuickBooks Desktop Support.

As it's one of our primary means of sending important notifications and communications, updating your email address is essential. Retrieving your User ID or Password in the foreseeable future can be achieved using your current email address.

Please be aware: While retrieving User ID or Password, the email you use in received Email Notifications might not be just like the e-mail that you apply.

Email Address used for Receiving Notifications

In the authorized users when you look at the company, this email is the one associated with your name. You will receive the notifications regarding the account through this email address if you are the Billing Contact in the account.

What type of notifications can I receive?

Notifications may have different meaning. Given just below are few examples of the numerous forms of notifications you may receive from us through email:

  • Payroll newsletters (Quarterly)
  • QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Tax Table Update Notice (this appears when a unique tax table can be obtained)
  • Auto-renewal notices for annual subscribers (this appears at the least 45 days from the renewal date)
  • Order/Charge confirmation (this appears upon the renewal of your service)
  • It can also appear because of other critical notices pertaining to the changes in the federal and state regulations.

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Stick to the steps listed below to improve your current email address for notifications:

  • Firstly, you'll want to sign in to My Account.
  • Choose the product or service in the Manage your QuickBooks page that you would like to control.
  • By looking at the top right corner, check whether you're logged into the correct company. Through the drop-down, choose the correct company.
  • Now, scroll right down to the Authorized Users list.
  • Beside your name, select Edit.
  • Go into the new current email address and then click on Save. To obtain back into the home page, select regarding the X button.
  • You are getting notified concerning this switch to your new email address.

Email Address that can help in Retrieving User ID/ Password

If you opt to reset your login information, this current email address will help you in retrieving User ID/ Password because it's associated to your login information and is for which you may receive your User ID and Password.

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Stick to the steps given below to update the email address associated to your login:

  • Firstly, sign in to My Account. (Go to My Account: in the event that you need help signing in, login help.)
  • Select the products or services you may like to manage in the Manage your QuickBooks page.
  • At the very top right next to the company name, select the drop-down arrow.
  • Click on Edit Login and then go right to the Profile tab.
  • In the current email address field, click on Edit.
  • Within the current email address and Confirm email address field, enter your new email address.
  • Within the Password field, enter your login password.
  • Click on Save. This way you send out a verification email to your new email.
  • Open the verification email into the email’s inbox. Click on Verify my email.
  • Select Continue to complete the email change, as soon as you start to see the prompt Email address verified,.

In the event you cannot access My Account along with your email address contact information: If you are not able to login to My Account and also you no longer able to get into towards the email which you have used to obtain your Login credentials retrieved. You can make a request to improve your bank account email address. To complete this it normally takes 3-4 hours.

To know more on how exactly to Update Email Address In QuickBooks Desktop, turn to our QuickBooks Desktop Support Number.

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