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QuickBooks Desktop SOF Worksheet

Enhanced Sales Order Fulfillment in QuickBooks Desktop

QuickBooks Desktop Enhanced Sales Order Fulfillment is the most essential and powerful feature. Enhanced QuickBooks Desktop SOF Worksheet can now be utilized with scanners, android applications, and even manually.

 It permits us to plan which sales order should be fulfilled by selected those orders to be picked in an updated version of your order fulfillment worksheet, as shown in the image below.

Use Sales Order Fulfillment Worksheet in QuickBooks

The process of fulfilling sales orders in QuickBooks could be complex, with the aid of sales order fulfillment worksheet you'll have all the insights and components of all of the process under one hood.

The enhanced sales order fulfillment worksheet feature of QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise solution 18.0 and 19.0, it is possible to experience better and simpler workflow than ever before, and you also can add a mobile scanner.

First, you need to set up the Advanced inventory prefences to be able to utilize this worksheet option.

  • Open QuickBooks, then go directly to the Edit menu and then select the Preferences option.
  • From the left side navigational panel, select the Items and Inventory option and then open the Company Preferences tab.
  • Into the company preferences tab, go through the Advanced Inventory Settings button.
  • Then, click the Site Operation tab and then checkmark the container stating that Sales Order Fulfillment Worksheet.

As soon as you finish setting preferences, you can start managing and fulfilling the sales order by selecting the client menu then Sales order fulfillment worksheet.

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In QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Solution 19.0

In QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise solution 18.0, you will discover three tabs into the sales order fulfillment worksheet. The very first is Dashboard, second is Pick, and last is Pack.

Dashboard: Here, when you look at the central section, you will see and manage the sales orders. Here, you are able to see all your sales orders and their status (All, open, picked, and packed) as well. From here, you are able to perform the any of the following options.

  • Send for Picking
  • Send for Packing
  • Printing shipping label
  • Marked as shipped

Sales Order Fulfillment Worksheet Dashboard Tab
Note: if you'd like then you can certainly sort each column. Keep in mind that, ship date column is only obtainable in QuickBooks enterprise 18.0 version.

Pick: In the Pick tab you can manage your picking list.

Sales Order Fulfillment Worksheet Pick Tab
Pack: In the Pack tab you can easily manage your packing list.

Fulfilling Sales Order

The process of fulfilling sales orders consist of three main processes. In line with the measurements of your organization, forms of your operations, or amount of sales orders, these methods could be slightly not the same as each other and really should be held in a sequential manner. Firstly, order should be picked then sent for packing and lastly shipped the moment these are generally packed. You can customize the sales order fulfillment process relating to your company.

You can use some of the following workflows in accordance with the needs of the business to start out the sales order workflow.

  • Workflow No.1: Pick>Pack>Ship
  • Workflow No.2: Pick>Ship
  • Workflow No.3: Ship


  • First, go to the Dashboard, then choose the sales order that you would like to send for picking.
  • If you wish to send one sales order then go through the Action column and then find the Send for Picking option.
  • If you want to send multiple sales orders then go through the Batch Action drop-down menu and then select Send for picking option.
  • Now, open the create picklist window, you need to find the items that have to be picked. If you like you'll be able to also enter To Fulfill Qty and Update site.
  • After that, click on Next.
  • Then, you could add an optional note if you like and then add a picker.
  • If you utilize mobile scanner, then select the connect with a computer device option.
  • It is possible to print the Sales Order list should you want to update it manually.
  • Once, you finish making changes you will be redirected to your confirmation page.

Status update for picked items

When you look at the mobile scanner, you should check the actual time status from the warehouse regarding the Pick tab. If you can find any updates from the warehouse you can examine it via mobile scanner, within the Alert column you can observe the orange notification arrow in pick list update. To update the status of sales order, you simply need to select the sales order and then click the Update Sales Order option.

To manually update the quantity which were picked and in addition update the status regarding the Pick tab.

  • First, double click the line item that you want to update.
  • In line with the Pick quantity, you go into the pick status will likely to be automatically updated.
  • When you look at the confirmation window, go through the Update Sales Order after which OK.


  • Go directly to the Dashboard and then choose the sales order you want to send for packing.
  • If you'd like to choose one sales order then go through the Action column and select Send for Packing option.
  • If you would like choose multiple sales orders then checkmark the container while watching sales orders that you want to send for packing. Then, go through the Batch Action menu and then find the Send for Packing option.
  • If you like you'll be able to assign a packer. (Optional)
  • Select any one of several following options.
  • If you work with a mobile scanner select Send to Device option.
  • When you create packing slip you will then be redirected into the confirmation page.

Status Update for Packed items

By using a mobile scanner it is possible to track the real-time status from the warehouse into the Pack tab. Once you receive any updates into the mobile scanner from the warehouse, in the alert column it's possible to see an orange color arrowed notification that indicates a pack list update. Such a colored arrow will likely to be visible for virtually any updated sales order item. To update the status, choose the sales order, and then click on an Update sales order from the Pack tab. As a result, the status will be updated to latest information.

You have to manually update the list item if you're using a printed packlist.

Update Quantity: when you enter the packed quantity, the pack status will likely to be updated automatically according to that.
As soon as you entered the pack Qty, go through the Update sales order option and then click OK when it comes to confirmation.


In Shipping Manager, you can easily create the shipping labels as you would like them with the help of the sales order fullfilment worksheet.

  • Go number and shipping cost within the original sales order too.
  • After that, you’ll be redirected to your confirmation page. You will see the updated shipping details within the View Details link through the Dashboard.

Mark Sales Order as shipped

  • Go to the Dashboard and then select the sales order(s) you want to be marked as shipped.
  • To mark only 1 sales order, click on the Action column and then find the Mark as shipped option.
  • To select multiple sales orders, checkmark each box while watching desired sales order(s) and then click on the Batch Action drop-down menu and then select the Mark as Shipped option.
  • Select Yes, regarding the confirmation page. Select No if you would like return back & earn some changes.
  • Click OK, when you receive a note of confirmation that sales order(s) is shipped.

NOTE: At any point in the workflow, it is possible to mark any sales order as shipped. You don’t have to proceed through most of the three steps mentioned previously.

Generating a Pick List For Enhanced Sales Order
The QuickBooks Enhanced sales Order Fulfillment feature is dependent on sales orders. In the event that you aren’t using sales orders, this won’t be helpful to you. I like sales orders in QuickBooks, they truly are an essential component to many important workflows.

We’ll start with a sales order
There are 2 new columns when it comes to sales order, picked status and picked quantity. The column to choose can be viewed into the template  not active with this particular feature.
The information in this worksheet may be a bit confusing. There are lots of concepts to keep in mind here, plus they overlap:

  • A sales order may have three “stages”: creation, picking, pack & ship.
  • Sales orders have a status value, as well as the new system adds several values here.
  • We now have a separate pick list transaction, as much as I can tell.
  • Picklists to have their own status value, independent of the sales order.
  • It is possible to open the sales order window by clicking on the sales order number in the 1st column.
  • To choose order you are able to only select one order at a time for processing. Select one that has a Fulfillable status of Yes or Partial, then click on the Next button to look at the important points of this order.
  • The detail lines can be found here in alphabetical order, not within the sequence for which they've been visible in the original sales order.
  • The next step is to pick the items for the picklist. You can easily remove items from the list by unchecking the box regarding the left, it is possible to filter out some items using the Status and Fulfillable drop boxes towards the top, and you may replace the value into the To Fulfill Qty column if you don’t like to ship every one of the available items.
  • Click Next to send the picklist to your scanner.
  • You have got alternatives for Create & Send, that will send the picklist to the scanning device, or Create & also Print if you should be staying away from a scanning device.
  • In the event that you aren’t using a smart phone for picking, it is possible to print the picklist. And when you’re using a registered mobile device you don’t need certainly to print this pick list, smart phone will get information directly.

Picking With Android device

  • To request an order fulfillment also to add notes also. The trunk office team will assign a “Picker”.
  • Furthermore, Confirmation will soon be given by the picker in regards to the picking of order and its own shipment as shown within the image.
  • Finally, Quickbooks would be updated with the most recent status.

The Bottom Line

If you have any more queries linked to the QuickBooks software, you are able to contact our support team via 24/7 toll-free number

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