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Switch Between Banking Modes In QuickBooks Desktop

Switch between banking modes in QuickBooks Desktop.

QB Issue Resolution:
QuickBooks Desktop online banking enables you to match transactions using an Express Mode this is certainly a lot more of a graphical interface, or an even more classic view called Register Mode.

There are two main Bank Feeds modes available in QuickBooks Desktop. How transactions are displayed (and handled) within the bank feeds depends upon the selected mode.


Renaming rules created in Express Mode are NOT for sale in Register mode, and aliases created in Register mode are not for sale in Express mode.
You are able to switch amongst the two modes as frequently as required or as necessary for troubleshooting.

To switch between Bank Feeds modes:

  • Make sure your QuickBooks Desktop is updated towards the latest release
  • Ensure you are in single-user mode.
  • Through the Edit menu, go to Preferences.
  • When you look at the left pane, choose Checking then click on the Company Preferences tab.
  • When you look at the Bank Feeds section, choose the mode you intend to use.
  • Express mode – In this mode, you employ the Transactions List window to include or match transactions. Renaming rules are manufactured automatically plus they are more flexible than with Classic Mode. To go to the downloaded transactions list, click the Transaction List button. Observe that if there are not any downloaded transactions ready for adding and matching, you will see Download Transactions button instead.
  • Classic Mode – this mode uses the account register to incorporate or match transactions. Aliases match names exactly and you also control when aliases are made. To gain access to the transactions and start adding and matching them, click the View button.
  • Click OK.

Resolution for Issue 'Switch between banking modes in QuickBooks Desktop.' available: Yes (Solved).

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